The Orgone Experiment

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Even Huge Molecules Follow the Quantum World's Bizarre Rules

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Orgone: cosmic pulse of life

Please click the link in that email to activate your subscription. In , Reich found that bions prepared from ocean sand SAPA bions had unusual radiant energy properties, including luminescence in the dark, fogging of photographic plates and reddening of skin exposed through quartz glass.

Orgonite's energy The Freeze Test!

After a series of observations and experiments, which continued in the United States, where Reich re-established his laboratory in late , he came to the conclusion that the orgone energy was also present in the surrounding atmosphere, and could in fact be concentrated by an apparatus such as his modified Faraday cage, which consisted of a galvanized iron box surrounded by an organic material such as wool or fiberboard. This apparatus, the orgone energy accumulator, was then further modified to increase its effect and extensively employed by Reich in both physical and biological investigations.

Ice experiments: Orgonite vs. No orgonite | Metabunk

Reich made the remarkable discovery that a slight temperature difference called To-T existed between an orgone energy accumulator and a control cabinet lacking metal but with similar insulating properties, a difference which exhibited a diurnal variation, increased in fair weather, and decreased in rainy weather or high humidity. He also found that the discharge rate of charged electroscopes was much slower inside an orgone accumulator than in a control box or in the open air, and also that the electroscope discharge rate exhibited a diurnal variation and responded to changes in the weather similarly to To-T.

Several studies replicating these original findings have been published, and the interested reader is referred to our bibliographies for more information. In his early experiments with cancerous mice, Reich had found that injections of bions was able to increase their longevity to an average of 9. Subsequent experiments with orgone energy accumulator treatment produced an average lifespan of Other physicians working with Reich or since his time have also documented their clinical observations of the effects of the accumulator on different medical conditions in a series of case reports.

Again, the interested reader is referred to our bibliographies for these citations. His initial plan was to conduct a series of controlled experiments with mice to study the effects of treatment with the orgone accumulator before or after exposure to radioactive isotopes, as a model of the potential application of the accumulator to prevent or treat radiation sickness.

However, another component of the experiment involved study of the physical effects of a powerful orgone accumulator on 1 mg of radium. The effects of this latter experiment were so powerful and extreme that they ended up confounding the biological experiment.

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Soon after introducing the radium to the accumulator, counts on the Geiger-Muller counter increased at much greater distances than would be expected for this quantity of radium. Large numbers of experimental mice in an adjacent building suddenly died, Reich and several of his co-workers became ill with different conditions.


Reich developed the cloudbuster in a partially successful attempt to neutralize the DOR conditions around his laboratory. Access previous updates by clicking Updates at the top of the page.

This page publication first appeared as the entire October issue of the Orgone Energy Bulletin. In it, Reich documents his laboratory experiments at Orgonon to test the effects of concentrated orgone energy on nuclear energy. Reich's principal objective was the "investigation of possible anti-nuclear radiation effects in the atmospheric orgone energy.

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