The Masks of Time

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I was simply too shy to actually look at her, much less start a conversation. This dear friend was instrumental in helping me let go of yet another mask, the mask of shyness. Taking off that mask, trying to get behind the mask, is the work of the spiritual journey.

There are many other masks I have uncovered over the years. Yes, I have shed some, only to uncover other masks hiding underneath. Some have proven to be very persistent, pretending to come off and be gone. Then, the moment I lose my presence and attention, they are back, usually catching me by complete surprise.

Apparently not.

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More and more, I have been seeing that this truly is a work of a lifetime, shedding the masks, inquiring into who or what is under all the masks. I see it with myself, and also with many others who work with adults.


Artists methodically paint the masks to create realistic skin tones. He experimented until he found the right recipe for silicone that would seem like skin. A key discovery was that if the inside of the mask is smooth — even if the outside is bumpy with pores, a nose and other features — it will stretch over most faces and move with facial muscles. Customers include Halloween revelers, theme parks and a few TV shows and horror movies, Slusser said.

Slusser moved his sales operation online. Lawbreakers have always tried to hide their identities, wearing hats, pulling bandannas or ski masks over their faces, or donning wigs. They must be actors. Discovering your covered up true self is a ridding process.

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  4. The true self is God. Never take time for granted--life can change in the blink of an eye.

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    Smoking in the Shower What we do in private drives who we are in public.