Cold-Formed Tubular Members and Connections. Structural Behaviour and Design

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Cold-formed Tubular Members and Connections

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Cold-formed Tubular Members and Connections: Structural Behaviour and Design

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Behaviour and design calculations OF concrete-filled STAINLESS steel tubular (CFSST) COLUMNS (K5)

Because of rapid advances in the medical sciences, in particular, independent verification of diagnoses and drug dosages should be made. Individual steel manufacturers have been involved in numerous research programs on their own products.

Most of the documents were related mainly to the behaviour and design of hot-rolled tubular sections. This book describes the structural behaviour and design of cold-formed tubular members and connections. Cold-formed tubes have several special characteristics which differentiate them from hot-rolled tubes such as rounded stress-strain material behaviour, variation of yield stress around the section, larger residual stresses, web crippling of RHS due to the extemal comer radii that introduce load eccentrically to the webs, interaction of web local buckling and flange local bucking in bending, weld defects in welded thin-walled tubes and their impact on fatigue strength, and challenge for plastic design because of lower ductility.

The following topics on cold- formed tubular sections have only received small coverage in the existing design standards, design guides or relevant books: members subjected to bending, compression, combined bending and compression, local buckling under concentrated force, effect of bending on bearing capacity, tension members and welds in thin- walled tubes, welded connections subjected to fatigue loading, effect of concrete- filling and large-deformation cyclic loading on limiting width-to-thickness ratios, fatigue design using hot spot stress method, bolted moment end plate connections and plastic design of portal frames.

These topics are addressed in detail in the book. This book not only summarises the research performed to date on cold-formed tubular members and connections but also provides design examples in accordance with both the Australian Standard AS and the British Standard BS Part 1.

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It is suitable for structural engineers, researchers and university students who are interested in tubular structures. Chapter 1 deals with the application of cold-formed tubes and the scope of the book. Chapter 2 summarises the manufacturing processes and manufacturing tolerances in various standards.

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It also presents the material properties of cold-formed tubes including the rounded stress-strain curves, variation of yield stress around the section, residual stresses and fracture toughness. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 are concemed with members subjected to bending, compression and combined bending and compression.

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  5. The highlights include slendemess limits, flexural-torsional buckling, interaction of local and overall buckling and beam-column behaviour. Chapter 6 discusses RHS members subjected to concentrated forces applied through either a welded brace or a bearing plate. The effect of bending moment on bearing capacity is also presented. In Stock. The Art Of Japanese Joinery.

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